Sci-Fi Corridors Modular Room



Gaming terrain ideal for use with 28mm RPG miniatures & figurines associated with games like Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, etc....

This terrain kit is hand-cast in sturdy resin and offers an affordable way to include taverns and village buildings in your Versatile Modular Dungeon (V.M.D.) collection.


The Sci-Fi Corridors Modular Room has TWO STYLES from which you can choose one:

Style 1. The Starter Room: For those who are new to the Sci-Fi Corridors system

The Starter Room Includes (See Photo #2):

2 Wall Ends
1 Removable Door
3 1"x1" Floor Tiles
4 1"x1" Walls
3 1"x3" Walls
4 1"x1" Corner Walls
3 2"x1" Floor Tiles
2 2"x2" Floor Tiles

Style 2. The Add-On Room: For those who already own the Starter Room or a significant amount of V.M.D. material.

The Add-On Room Includes (See Photo #4)

2 Wall Ends
1 Removable Door
3 1"x1" Floor Tiles
3 1"x1" Walls
2 1"x3" Walls
2 1"x1" Corner Walls
3 2"x1" Floor Tiles
2 2"x2" Floor Tiles
2 1"x1" T-Junction Walls
1 1"x1" Cross-Junction Wall

The Add-On Room is designed to do exactly what its name implies (See Photo #4). It tacks onto the Starter Room. Simply replace two corners on the Starter Room with junctions from this set and use the remaining pieces of the Add-On Room to build an adjacent chamber with its own door.

The doors are designed to be removable by sliding them out of the doorway vertically. Doors can be positioned between wall ends or in the middle of a corridor by positioning the door between the panels of the wall tiles (See Photo #5).

The wall ends are set back from the edge of the tile by 1/4" on three sides to allow positioning of doors either in line with the wall or at right angles to the wall (See Photo #6).

Note: Photos #1, #3, #5, & #6, show what the set can look like when it is painted and combined with other terrain elements. Other items are shown only for scale and inspiration. They are not included with the set.

If you do not see something that you want, feel free to place a custom order!

For an additional charge, either of these sets can be ordered pre-painted.

Either of these sets can also be ordered with or without a 1/4" base to make the floor height compatible with other popular modular dungeons. Basing does not affect the price of the set.


Masterpieces for these casts were designed and sculpted using casts from Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture molds.


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