Game Night!

Everyone Has a Hobby!

On Wednesday nights, I host games at my FLGS for their D&D Adventurers League event.

My party (Level 8) is currently crawling through the D&D5E adaptation of the famous White Plume Mountain adventure, and I'm enjoying the mental gymnastics  they force me to do to keep them challenged.  

Last night's segment was the Metal-Heating Corridor.  It's a hallway flooded in 1.5 feet of watery mud that functions, somewhat like a large induction heater.  The further in you go, the hotter your carried, metal items get until the heat becomes unbearable or even dangerous.

Scabbards and pouches containing metal items were destroyed, as was any studded-leather armor.  One character was forced to spend the entire encounter doffing his prized, golden breasplate.

Yet another, made it all the way through the hall only to find that he had lost all of his gold.  The pouch in which he had been carrying it had been burned through, and the gold fell into the mud to be lost forever.

The group came up with several ingenious ways to defeat the trap.  The final blow was when they overloaded one of the coils by forcing a rather deadly short (simulated by a combinatoin of Thunderwave, Chain Lightning, and Fireball). The character who did this miraculously survived, and I rewarded his bravery/luck by declaring the trap disabled.

For the build, I used VMD walls and some Hirst Arts Sci-Fi molds to make the heating coils that run along the walls.

On one side, I put a power conduit on top of the wall with drops to heating coils

On the other side, I put some metallic grids opposite the heating coils to make it clear the electrical field would be filling the corridor and building as the characters moved down the hallway.

We all had a wonderful time, and are looking forward to next week!

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